What does the Soil Association’s organic logo tell consumers?

What does the Soil Association’s organic logo tell consumers?

We live in a time when most of the processed foods we eat are unhealthy, like it or not. Even the vegetables that we buy have been sprayed with chemicals and growth additives. The same thing applies to meat and dairy products; sometimes the animals are raised in bad conditions and they are fed with foods that do not provide any nourishment, but rather make them grow as large as possible in the shortest time.

With all this, it is important to have an indicator to let the consumer know about the quality of the product. This is the case of the Soil Association’s logo, something that you probably haven’t even noticed. However, once you understand why this logo is important you will search for it on every food that you buy.

If you see the logo of the Soil Association on food, you can know for certain that it is organic. This means that it has to follow strict criteria in order to be accepted under the Association’s logo, and the local farmers are encouraged to do this more than everyone else. The products that carry the logo don’t contain any chemicals or additives that might be harmful, and they are completely safe for you and your family. They are always fresh and they have strict expiry dates, which mean you will never buy something that is close to expiring.

Foods with the Soil Association logo are available in many supermarkets, so the next time you go shopping, keep an eye open for this.

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