Understand Stress Before You Can Deal with It

Understand Stress Before You Can Deal with It

A small dose of stress is OK because it makes you perform better and accomplish goals. If the stress level, however, becomes unbearable, it may have severe consequences on both your mind and your body. Stress is a perfectly normal physical reaction to events that threaten you or upset your balance in any way. When you mind senses danger, it automatically shifts into a high gear known as the “fight or flight or freeze” reaction, also known as stress response.

This response has the purpose of protecting you in dangerous situations. Bear in mind that stress can be beneficial up to the point of saving your life (it makes you jump on the break to avoid a car accident). A healthy level of stress sharpens your concentration and drives you to study instead of playing a video game with your friends. However, if the level of stress is through the roof, it may have an effect on your mood, productivity, your relationships with others, and your quality of life in general. The Chemistry Behind Stress Upon receiving a threat, the human nervous system responds by releasing a large amount of stress hormones, namely cortisol and adrenaline.

These hormones prompt the body for emergency action. Such alertness mirrors in increased heartbeat, tightening of muscles, higher blood pressure, quick breathing, and sharpening of senses. Strength and stamina result from these changes and they cause you to react very quickly and be more focused. These two states then in return prepare you to either fight or flee from danger. To sum up, embrace the stress you are feeling, so you can have a better understanding of what is happening to your mind. That way you can start minimizing the feeling and achieve your goals.

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