What Does a Cafe Mean When They Say They Are 'Green'?

What Does a Cafe Mean When They Say They Are 'Green'?

You may be a coffee lover but hearing about green coffee might be new to you. When you go out in search for an interesting cafe, you may encounter menus containing green coffee options. But what does a cafe mean when they say they are green?

Green coffee is basically the same coffee you include in your daily breakfast. The only difference is that black coffee, one you are used to, derived from roasted coffee beans. Basically, the green coffee is the unroasted version. There may be a difference on the taste, but the benefits that green coffee can provide are not to be underestimated.

Green coffee consumption helps in weight loss. The extracts of the beans used to make green coffee are said to help reduce fat. The chlorogenic acid it contains also helps in reducing blood pressure. Chlorogenic acid is also believed to have the capacity to prevent the emergence of cancer cells.  There are also studies which support claims that green coffee is a great food to improve one's mood and cognitive ability. Intake of green coffee can make you more alert and can also enhance your memory.

 Individuals who are conscious about their beauty, particularly their skin, will also enjoy the ability of green coffee to bring more antioxidants to their body. This type of coffee produces compounds that prevent your cells from getting damaged.

The next time you bumped into green coffee products on the menu, don’t hesitate to give it a try. It’s a healthy option that is as soothing as your usual cup of coffee.

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