The Go Green Initiative for high school students in the US

The Go Green Initiative for high school students in the US

A country’s brighter future rests on the type of education the younger population acquires. This is the reason why governments make large investments in this trusting that a quality education will spur better citizens and professionals.

The Go Green Initiative is helping high schools across America create a campus culture of conservation.  Created in 2002, it has since provided resources at all school levels to help them develop strategies towards a greener conscience and the tools to measure impact. 

The program emphasizes the importance of local leaders to lead changes in their school and community. The resources are always free and accessible.  The aim is to help create “environmental stewards for a lifetime”. 

The GGI includes training sessions for teachers and volunteers to help them develop a sense of conservation of natural resources and the protection of human health through a clean environment.  However, it also involves helping schools include the topics of environmental education in their present curriculum. The program provides free resources to schools all across the 50 states and in 73 countries.  

According to the program, Go G.R.E.E.N is an acronym that stands for:

            Generate less waste.

            Recycle everything that can be reused

            Educate the community by teaching them about eco-friendly options

            Evaluate environmental impact

            Nourish activities of integration of environmental education to the existing curriculum

The organization’s mission and vision are very clear and both aim towards a present and future generation capable of making eco-friendly decisions.

The Go Green Initiative in general was started by Jill Buck and as a response to her concern on how waste was being handled at her children´s school.   So Jill decided to take action by creating a community where parents and teachers join forces to create a safe and healthy environment for the children.  On her kitchen table, she created the G.G. Initiative on July, 2002.

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