The future of gardening

The future of gardening

When I say future, I mean today! Many new and useful gadgets and inventions are already available on the market. All of them are efficient, hi-tech and affordable. One of them is Edyn Water Sensor and Water Valve. This system will monitor on soil moisture and nutrition levels, keeping them in the normal range. It also can eliminate waste by delivering the exact amount of clean water. The sensor is solar powered, but it has a lithium iron phosphate battery.

It will make sure your sensor function during the cloudy days. The Edyn Garden Sensor will measure, constantly: light intensity, soil electrical conductivity, humidity and temperature. The data are sent to iOS app (it is free) via the cloud. The app will analyze that data and give you tips on, how to make your garden even better.

You can buy only the sensor, but I will recommend you buying Edyn Water Valve as well. Once again, this system is solar powered, but it has a rechargeable battery. You should connect it with your garden hose and it will provide water when your plant needs it. The price is, $100 for garden sensor and $60 for water valve.

People who have potted plants, can use Flower Power H2O and Pot. These systems are developed by the French company Parrot. Flower Power H2O is a small watering device that fits in pots you already have. Even more impressive is Parrot Pot. It is made from ceramics and it can store 2.2 liters of water. This system also has a sensor that measure: temperature, soil moisture, fertilizer levels and sunlight. Collected information will be compared with 8.000 optimal conditions for plants, and you will get an advice.


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