The difference between a homeopath & a naturopath

The difference between a homeopath & a naturopath

Very often you hear about people who take advice from their homeopath or naturopath. Of course, you assume that they are the same person, but in reality they are different. Although they have plenty of things in common, they are completely different.

Both of these professionals do not promote modern medicine, as long as there are other natural alternatives. Furthermore, they try to prevent rather than treat the disease. They both believe that leading a healthy and balanced life is the best medicine in most of the cases. As for the differences, the homeopath has quite a special view of medicine.

A homeopath will try his best to provide you with a natural, healthy treatment, but he might also recommend a drug as well. Many homeopaths recommend treatments like massage or acupuncture, and believes the patient needs to get help from any possible direction, even if this means that he has to take some modern drugs.

A naturopath will never recommend a modern drug unless this is the only option available and without it, the patient would die. A naturopath will avoid recommending anything that can be bought from a pharmacy. Instead he will recommend plants, natural supplements, organic lotions etc. If it’s found in nature, a naturopath will find the way to use it in the best interest of the patient.

Now, you should never assume that one is better than the other. They both have an important word to say when it comes to health. The best thing for you to do is to listen to their advice and see what fits you best.

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