Solar powered charging stations for electric cars

Solar powered charging stations for electric cars

Cutting down carbon emissions should be a top priority across the world. The dangers are real, and if we cannot cut down our reliance on polluting sources for energy, we risk damaging the planet further.

Luckily, technology has evolved to provide us with more efficient and cleaner ways to power our homes and transportation. Cars have gotten more fuel economy, creating less pollution for every gallon of gasoline they consume. Pushing the clean energy envelope further, hybrid cars and electric vehicles look to be the wave of the future.

Electric vehicles in particular are intriguing for needing little, if any gas. However, they do need to be recharged, and the energy involved in that exchange needs to come from somewhere. Therefore, it makes the most sense to pull that energy from solar power, if at all possible. For starters, solar is extremely clean and renewable. If you transfer energy from the sun to your car, there are practically zero emissions involved in the whole process.

There’s a great feeling of independence that comes with this setup as well. Depending on how much you drive, and the amount of power generated by your solar panels, trips to a gas station to refuel your car will be drastically reduced. You can drive without having to refuel at a station (except on rare occasions), and don’t need to pay a significant amount to charge at home.

This being said, the technology for solar power and electric vehicles is still new, and fairly expensive for most families. As the technology moves forward, the accessibility should increase, making this “solar to electric” model a reality for drivers everywhere. 

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