Nissan Leaf: A green car that you should drive

Nissan Leaf: A green car that you should drive

Nissan Leaf (Leading, Environmentally friendly, Affordable, Family car) is an electric car made by Nissan. It is a 5-door hatchback. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency the range of it is 121 kilometers (75 miles). However, thanks to latest upgrades, the range has been increased to 200 kilometers (New European Driving Cycle). Because it has an electric motor, Nissan Leaf doesn’t make any tailpipe pollution. It is the 3rd best green car in 2015. 

An electric motor has a power of 110 hp (80kW). Through a single speed transmission, it sends that power on front wheels. The battery is 24 kWh lithium-ion. The dimensions are: 4,445 mm (L), 1,770 mm (W) and 1,550 mm (H). The weight is 1.493 kg. 

In order to maximize the battery life, Nissan gives certain advices. The driver should avoid leaving the vehicle more than 14 days when the battery is empty. Also, a driver should avoid exposing the vehicle more than 24 hours on the temperature higher than 49 degrees Celsius or lower than -13 degrees Celsius. Before charging, you should wait that the battery is below 80%. Also, when you use fast charging every day, you shouldn’t recharge the battery above 70-80%. With these advices, you may increase the battery life. This is the most expensive part of a car.

One of the best benefits of this car is noise. Simply said, it doesn’t make noise at all. Even the headlamps are specially designed so they reduce the wind noise. However, early models have problems with charging. You will need 20 hours in order to recharge the battery. 



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