Magical rainforests

Magical rainforests

Tropical rainforests are one of the richest and most exciting places on earth. They present a home for many trees, beautiful birds, and mammals.

There are three main regions: in Southeast Asia, South and Central America, and West and Central Africa.

You probably know that the largest forest in the world is The Amazon Basin forest, which is covering 6 million so. km,

Unfortunately, rainforests are not covering Earth's land surface like they did not so very long ago.

If you wonder what makes a tropical forest, well they are very wet places, and they receive heavy rainfall either throughout the year or seasonally.

Temperatures usually go from 20 to 35 degrees, and they receive more than 200 cm rainfall per year.

One of the biggest differences between rainforest and other forests is because in the rainforest you can find gigantic trees.

Rainforest trees have beautiful dark green leaves, and sometimes they are leathery.

Butterflies and bird love to be in the rainforest, and they can easily reach flowers, such as bromeliads and orchids.

One of the most exciting parts of the rainforest is definitely the canopy, because here the most flowering and fruiting of the trees takes place, and because of them, they are attracting a lot of amazing creatures.

Amazon forests are the richest in plant species, but in we can say that, in general, tropical forests have a variety of trees.

The alarming fact is that rainforests are the most endangered habitat on earth. Each year 140,000 sq km of rainforests are being destroyed.

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