It’s all about green tea

It’s all about green tea

Green tea is well-known for its health benefits from centuries and it is becoming very common since last few years. It was started from China and India and later became common worldwide. It has number of health advantages; we are going to discuss some of them:

Helps in cancer prevention: As per National Cancer institute, green tea has poly phenols in it, which prevent us from cancer. It has been noticed that in countries where green tea consumption is more, in those countries cancer patient are less.

Helps in prevention from heart disease: According to various test and studies, green tea makes our heart strong and helps in reducing the probability of heart diseases.
Weight loss: 

Although you are not going to see excessive impact and you are not going to lose excessive weight by consuming green tea but it will show some effect on your body Doctors recommend it to consume daily if you want to reduce your weight.

It helps in controlling glucose level in our body which in turn controls diabetes. It also helps in preventing the increase in blood sugar which generally rises after eating food.
It prevents dental issues, helps in controlling stress, and helps in chronic fatigue, in also helps in improving arthritis pain and improving skin condition.

Green tea also had positive effects on various body parts also like lungs, prostate, skin, stomach and breast. That is why it is always recommended by the doctors so start consuming it from today only.


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