Green – the meaning

Green – the meaning

We wrote about green color before and what it represents. It occupies more space in the spectrum visible to human eye than other colors.
Along with blue, many people say that green is their favorite color. Green is everywhere we go and turn, and we are so used to seeing it.
We already mentioned how tranquil and refreshing it actually is, no wonder since it is a mix of blue and yellow.

Green is considered as the color of peace, harmony and ecology, and it does have some kind of impact on us.
We are more relaxed mentally if we are surrounded with green color and in case if we are suffering from depression, this color will alleviate it, both depression and any kind of anxiety or nervousness.

What is quite interesting is that this color is used in so many cultures and different sports and even in politics.
For example people who are into ecology, ecological supporters have adopted this color to represent their movement, because after all green represents our nature.

Also we talked about green vegetables, which are abundant and most of them are very nutritious. What we forgot to mention is green fruits, which you cannot often see or eat. We have green lime, green apples, green beans etc.

Then we have green tea which is one of the healthiest things you can give to your organism. It burns your calories, speeds up your metabolism and improves your health in almost every way.
So as you can see green represents something good, healthy, positive, so make sure you surround yourself with this color.


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