Five cleaning uses for earth-friendly denatured alcohol

Five cleaning uses for earth-friendly denatured alcohol

Denatured alcohol has many practical applications. This alcohol is eco-friendly and leaves no pollution marks behind it.  This makes it a great help at home, the bathroom, the kitchen, and anywhere it is needed.  Today we will take a look at five cleaning uses of earth-friendly denatured alcohol.

What is Denatured Alcohol?

Denatured alcohol is also known as methylated spirits.  It is basically ethanol that has been made unsuitable for drinking by adding additives, such as methanol.  This causes the alcohol to have an unpleasant odor but it also makes it more toxic.  You can probably see why it is a good idea to keep denatured alcohol having a foul odor - it keeps alcoholics from using it as a cheaper alternative. 

Another feature of denatured alcohol is that it is usually given a bright color (purple or blue) so that it can stand out. This is done as an alert sign to keep it out of reach.

Five Cleaning Uses

Window, Mirror, and Glass Cleaning

Thanks to its fast-evaporating properties, denatured alcohol will not leave streaks behind when it dries. This is the perfect glass cleaner.  It is great to reduce grease or other stains.  

When using denatured alcohol for cleaning your windows, it is advisable to dissolve it in equal amounts of water. 

Mold and Mildew Remover 

Mildew and mold pose an unsafe condition in the house. Nobody wants to cohabitate with the fungus and the spores. A very effective way to get rid of any strain of mold and/or mildew is actually through denatured alcohol. 

General House Cleaning

If you mix it correctly, you can have a complete cleaner and sanitizer to use at home. This is especially good for bathrooms and kitchen sinks. Mix equal amounts of denatured alcohol and water. 

Clean and Remove Paint

Due to its organic properties, denatured alcohol easily removes paint and can also act as a thinner and an excellent solvent. This property makes it perfect for cleaning the toughest paint stains on walls and furniture, etc.  

Remove Glue

If you had a sticker on your car that you noticed has been really worn out and left a horrible smudge of sticker glue. With denaturalized alcohol, you can easily remove it with no remains or stains.  

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