Charging time

Charging time

One of the simplest, green concepts is Dialog. It is a simple gadget that should help you reduce the energy use. It is very simple to use. All smartphones and gadgets need a certain amount of energy in order to recharge their batteries. For example, smartphones need 2-3 hours and their batter will be 100% full. This gadgets should do this. Many people simply leave their phone on the charger the entire night. Dialog can turn off the power after the time you set. Turn it counter clockwise and it will be nothing more than an ordinary power outlet. This means, it won’t turn off the energy after some time. Turn it clockwise, and it will become a timer.

When you limit the energy to a couple of hours, your gadgets won’t use more than they really need. You know that every person has a smartphone or a tablet in their house. Many of those gadgets spend the entire day on a charger. Some users leave secondary smartphones on the charger always. Thus, increase the amount of energy your household use. Also, it increases the energy bill.

Dialug, can solve this problem. It looks nice, the design is interesting and it is useful. Also, it is very affordable, so you can afford it. The designers are: WooRi Kim, KyoYeon Kim, DanBee Lee and JangSoo Kim.

The only way you can make this gadget unpractical is when you forget to turn it. In this way, it will act as the ordinary power outlet, so it isn’t effective. Also, if you have several gadgets, and you probably do, you will need several Dialogs. 




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