Green shacks in the world

Green shacks in the world

In some parts of the world, people don’t even know what a green shack is. In some other parts, they are forced to know. Many people live in them, and grown food around them. But, there is a third side as well. Places where green shacks are used for good things and fun.

For example, some countries, like Switzerland, have huge areas with many green shacks. Although, all Switzerland citizens live more than better, they still want to have something cheap. The reason is, green shacks are useful, and they have 1001 applications. Those people have small gardens that are away from their homes and apartments.

So, instead of traveling and carrying everything they will need for gardening, they have a green shack. Beside you can use it as a storage, you also can have a great place to enjoy during the weekends. You can invite your friends and having a barbecue in your garden, near your green shack.

There are several green shacks programs as well. All of them include good fun and recreation. You don’t need money or anything else to participate in some of those programs. This is especially good if you have children. They will play with other kids in the nature, where the air is fresh and clean. Around them are beautiful trees and flowers. This will change their usual playground that includes concrete playgrounds, buildings and cars. Sports that can be played are countless. Starting from throwing a frisbee, football, volleyball, badminton and many others. All of them include physical activity, so if your child spends a lot of time in front of a TV or computer, this is a great way to get some real action.


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