Green shacks in Mexico City

Green shacks in Mexico City

Green shacks are not interesting for rich people. We can understand this. They are cheap to make, and they can provide the basic living conditions. But these conditions may be much better than some people have. The poverty is a serious problem in the whole world. More and more people live on the streets. You may believe that this is the problem of developing countries, but rich countries also have the same problem. 

There are 30.000 homeless people in Mexico City. 50% of them are children. A physical abuse is a serious problem in this city, so many kids run away from their homes. According to the UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund), 25% of children under the age 18 live in poverty. 

Although, many people don’t see it like this, green shacks can be the solution. Several people can live in one green shack. They are cheap to make and it is very easy to make a green shack, so ordinary people, even the homeless can participate and make green shacks. This means that this problem could be solved. After all, from 30.000 homeless people, we need 4.000-5.000 green shacks. Maybe it looks a lot, but as aforementioned, they are very cheap to make. 

As the end result, there won’t be homeless people on the streets of Mexico City. Because the climate is warm in the city, those people don’t have to worry about keeping them warm. There are many people who honestly believe that green shacks can be the solution for this problem. And, this is just a beginning. The same process can be used in every city on the planet with a lot of homeless people. 



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