Straw bales as drywall

Straw bales as drywall

Over the last two decades, the world has witnessed an explosion in population growth which led to a surge in need for accommodation which has negatively impacted on the environment. This is where the need for sustainable building materials comes in. If you have observed effects of global warming from tsunamis to extreme climatic changes, you appreciate the need for green building materials.

Straw bales are one of the best alternatives to drywalls in structural setups for your building. Straw provides good insulation and fire resistance. You will enjoy 75% more energy efficiency as compared to the common drywall. What’s more, there is no chance of combustion because no oxygen can get through the walls.

Preparation is everything in using straw bales for your building. Make sure you have the land and confirm if DIY building is legal in your town.

Initial structure construction takes place by setting up the shed frame and wood leaving the walls. For enhanced strength, pour concrete along the timber formwork

To avoid any chances of moisture seeping into the walls use recycled walls bricks to build a plinth wall to avoid rain backlash jumping into the straw bale wall.

Identify the sides of the straw before stacking. Let one side face outside and for the next alternate in order to get an enhanced aesthetic touch for your wall.

Rendering is the next important. There are different materials for rendering including concrete and lime. To get the ideal rendering surface make sure you wet the straw before the process. Moreover, trim any protruding bits of straw on the wall to get a magnificent wall finish.

Take a bold step and save the planet while also enjoying more energy efficiency in your home.


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