Green life of the future

Green life of the future

There are many possible scenarios of how green life will look in the future. All of them are interesting and bring something new. I personally believe that all of them cannot predict how exactly that life will look, but combine several of them, we can get the real picture. The main reason why we cannot predict this is because of technology development. Every day something new and fresh is designed. Every day we have new and interesting concepts that will make our life greener.

Because solar power offers us endless possibilities, we can say that in the future it will become the main power source. This means that every house and building will have solar panels. They will be independent from the power grid. Also, they can have wind turbines. This will completely eliminate the need for conventional produced electricity. Of course, in the future batteries that store energy will be much better. They will have bigger capacity and their charging will be much faster.

Don’t forget about electric cars. Now, they are the best way of transport that is eco-friendly. But in the future we can see many other cars. Some of them will run on ethanol, some on H or something other substances. It is important that all of them won’t cause any pollution at all.

Wind farms are already widely used. So, we can expect to use them even more in the future. I personally believe that the future are wind warms located high in the sky. They will produce energy and transmit it to the ground. Wirelessly of course. These were just some possible predictions. The reality will be even better.



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